George Rodrigue, Le Blanc Brothers, 1976

George Rodrique,
The LeBlanc Brothers 1976
Oil on canvas
Cajun brothers strike oil in Texas
George Rodrigue,
The LeBlanc Brothers, detail 
1976, Oil on canvas

Artist: George Rodrigue (American 1944 - 2013)

Title: The LeBlanc Brothers

Date: 1976

Medium: Oil on canvas

Canvas Dimensions:  30” x 40”  

Frame: Gold leaf and molded plaster over wood.

Provenance:  Purchased in the early 1990’s from Gerald Defez, the owner of Landry’s Restaurant in Breaux Bridge, LA.  At the time, Rodrigue still occupied a studio attached to the restaurant.  Rodrigue wrote in his book, The Cajuns, that he painted the work for Burt Hidalgo, who worked with the oil industry and was leaving Louisiana for Alaska with the pipeline.  

About the Artist:

George Rodrigue, a native of French Louisiana, began his artistic career painting the history and traditions of Acadiana.  These canvases, depicting Cajuns set against the dark, moss-clad oak trees of the local bayous, gained Rodrigue an international reputation in the 1970's.   In Paris, he was hailed as "America's Rousseau," after winning an honorable mention at the annual French Salon in 1975, for his painting of The Class of Marie Courregé.  President and Mrs. Carter even presented Rodrigue's book, The Cajuns, to foreign dignitaries.  In the 1990's, Rodrigue became a household name with his paintings and prints of a Blue Dog, an image inspired by a Cajun legend of the loup-garou, and a picture of his deceased dog, Tiffany. 

Recently, a new record was set for Rodrigue's Cajun paintings at auction.  On April 13, 2019, The Class of Marie Courregé realized $152,500 (with buyer's premium) at Neal's Auction in New Orleans.  

About the Painting:

"The story is of three brothers who first went to Texas to learn how to drill. They wanted to strike it rich, and it happened that they did; but this was the first and last rig they built. They ended up in the restaurant business in Texas and really struck it rich." 

— George Rodrigue, The Cajuns, 1976, p. 54.


Backside detail of The LeBlanc Brothers by George Rodrigue. 
1976, oil on canvas

Rodrigue's signature appears in maroon paint on the lower left corner of the painting.  A second signature with title and date is found on the reverse side.  

Detail of The LeBlanc Brothers by George Rodrigue, 1976.

Two of the three LeBlanc Brothers who struck oil in Texas. 

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Detail of The LeBlanc Brothers by George Rodrigue
Oil on canvas, 1976


Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch
Oil on canvas

Artist: Albert Lynch (Peruvian 1851 - 1912)

Title: Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d’Arc)  

Date: before 1901

Medium: Oil on canvas  

Canvas dimensions:  20 1/8” x 31 1/8”

Signature: Lower right corner 

About the Artist:

As a promising young artist, Albert Lynch, left Lima for Paris to study painting.  There he became the pupil of Gabriel Ferrier at the L’École des Beaux Arts.  At the 1890 Salon, Lynch's painting won a 3rd class medal.  Two years later, his submission to the annual Salon earned him a 1st class medal.  At l’Exposition Universelle in 1900, Lynch was awarded a Gold Medal.  In 1901, he was made a Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, one of France’s highest honors.  Kery, author of the book, Great Magazine Covers of the World, mentions that three years after the receipt of the Gold Medal, Lynch “regularly produced covers for the American publication Ladies’ Home Journal (p. 341).”  

About the Painting:

 Joan of Arc was exhibited, along with four other Lynch paintings, at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, 1901.  Two years later, the painting was reproduced in color on the cover of the famous French magazine, Figaro Illustré, for its 1903 (No. 157) issue.  Several paintings, sculptures, and mosaics of Joan's life were included in this well-illustrated article.  The fate of the painting for the next few decades remains a mystery for now.  Eventually, Lynch's Joan of Arc resurfaced among the items auctioned in 1974 at the Sofiero Castle, a royal summer residence of the Swedish Crown.  A few years later, the canvas was purchased by an art history professor in Lexington, VA.

Popularity of Lynch's image of "Joan of Arc"

Today, Lynch's interpretation of the Saint—standing erect in front of the Cathedral of Rouen, carrying her banner and sword—emerges in today’s literature as the archetypal version of the saint, one fully suited to feminist ideals. Unlike other depictions throughout history, Lynch’s Joan looks directly out at the viewer in a heroic pose, having successfully brought the French dauphin to his place of coronation.  She is a true king maker.

Detail of Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch
Detail of Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch
Detail of signature,
Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch

Figaro Illustré, 1903, cover

Joan of Arc on the cover of the french magazine, Figaro Illustre, 1903

Otto Bettmann photographed this cover, and many other magazine illustrations in European libraries and elsewhere.

Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch on the cover of three recent books on the saints life.

The Bettman Archive of 19 million photographs was sold and resold.  Today, a digital stock photography company called Corbis (founded by Bill Gates) controls the copyright over Lynch's image.

Why a Simulacrum?

If you are interested in obtaining the publication rights for the original PAINTING of Joan of Arc, by Albert Lynch (and not a distant copy or simulacrum), please contact us for information.  

The original is TRULY a stunning beauty.  

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Theora Hamblett (1895-1977), a mississippi folk artist

Niek van der Plas (Dutch, 1954- )

Book on the work of Niek van der Plas: Een impressionist in Katwijk

Born in Katwijk, Netherlands, Niek van der Plas gained an international reputation for his remarkable virtuosity.  His lush textures—inspired by Impressionism—draw viewers into his small landscapes, teeming with life.

"Sailboats in a Harbor," by Niek van der Plas.

"Sailboats in a Harbor" builds on the Dutch tradition of coastal scenes and seascapes.  This small oil painting of  measures only 4.5 inches square and is handsomely framed in 3-inch wide, gilded frame (not shown).  

"Sailboats in a Harbor," by Niek van der Plas.  Detail of a boy, his mother, and a toy sailboat.

Van der Plas deftly defines his figures  with a quick, painterly brush.  With very few brushstrokes, the artist achieves the nuance, gesture, and costume of a boy, his mother, and a toy sailboat.  

"Day at the Beach," by Niek van der Plas is a tangle of summer patterns.  Oil on canvas.

"Day at the Beach," by Niek van der Plas is a tangle of summer patterns.  Detail of center.

A loose brushstroke within a tight compositional structure.

In "Day at the Beach,"  van der Plas creates a tangled pattern of umbrellas, beach chairs, towels among the sun worshippers. Oil on canvas, 8 3/4 x 6 3/4 in a wide, ornately carved frame.

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